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The 2021 Henry David Thoreau Prize for Literary Excellence in Nature Writing

goes to Robin Wall Kimmerer, who is the Thoreau Society's featured speaker during the Concord Festival of Authors.

Kimmerer will be speaking at the First Parish, 20 Lexington Rd, Concord, MA 01742, on October 29 at 8 PM. Ticket to go on sale soon.

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Robin Wall Kimmerer

Watch previous Thoreau Prize Winner
George Schaller and special guest Jane Goodall.


The struggle for social and environmental justice

Henry D. Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau saw the exploitation of people and of nature as two sides of the same coin of injustice and oppression. In his own day, he decried an economic and political system that countenanced human bondage even as it despoiled nature. As he asks in “Slavery in Massachusetts,” “[W]hat signifies the beauty of nature when men are base?”

The Thoreau Society continues our namesake’s struggle to open all eyes to social and environmental injustice, and to end blindness to the consequences of unchecked racism, climate change, and other threats to individual freedom, democratic equality, and social justice in the United States and around the world. As a community devoted to Thoreau’s legacy, we are a work-in-progress, committed to the perpetual challenge of improving the Thoreau Society as an embodiment—and a promoter—of these ideals.


The application deadline is January 15, 2022. Additional information, along with application materials, can be found on the AAS website:

Robin Wall Kimmer

CONCORD, MA (July 1, 2021) – The Thoreau Society announced today that the botanist and best-selling author Robin Wall Kimmerer will receive the 2021 Thoreau Prize for Excellence in Nature Writing. The $2,500 prize and commemorative gift will be awarded in Concord, Massachusetts, on October 29, as part of the Concord Festival of Authors. On July 10 during its annual conference, the society will also honor the 2020 Thoreau Prize winner, the conservationist, author and internationally recognized field biologist George Schaller. The awarding of the prize last July was cancelled due to the pandemic. This year’s conference of the 80-year-old society devoted to Thoreau will be held virtually.