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75th Annual Gathering of the Thoreau Society

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Elizabeth Witherell, PhD, Editor-In-Chief, The Collected Writings of Henry D. Thoreau, Princeton University Press.  (Ms. Witherell is also a former President of the Thoreau Society, 1996-2000).

Julyl 6-10, 2016
Concord, Massachusetts

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I at once got out my book... 

The Thoreau Society is pleased to announce the first annual Marjorie Harding Memorial Fellowship!

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Sunrise over a dusting of snow near Walden Pond, January 2016. Photograph by Chynna Lemire.

Jesseca Stout explores Thoreau's use of sound in this early essay.

Henry David Thoreau’s early essay “A Winter Walk” is often grouped with “A Walk to Wachusett” and the posthumously published “Walking,” inviting readings that focus primarily on the act of walking...

Recipients will receive $1,000 towards travel and research expenses at archives in the Greater-...