Thoreau's Travels Across the U.S.

Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning's rail road map of the United States, showing the depots & stations

In 2013, working in partnership with UMass Lowell and other institutions and organizations, the Thoreau Society completed Mapping Thoreau Country: Tracking Henry David Thoreau's Travels in Massachusetts (MTC). Designed as an educational resource for college students and adult learners, MTC uses historical maps to organize primary documents related to Thoreau's extensive travels in Concord and beyond.  The project also highlights his under-studied but extremely significant contributions to cartography.  

Over the next few years, as time and funding permit, Susan E. Gallagher, the site's project director, plans to work with libraries, historical and educational institutions throughout the country to create similar digital maps to track Thoreau's excursions to Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York/New Jersey, and Vermont.  Since the Thoreau Society will be featured in all of these maps, we will provide updates on our progress here.  Please check back soon to learn more about travel as an overarching theme in Thoreau's life and works.