Mapping Thoreau's Travels in Massachusetts

Mass map 

Undertaken by the Thoreau Society in partnership with UMass Lowell and other educational organizations and institutions, Mapping Thoreau Country: Tracking Henry David Thoreau's Travels in Massachusetts (MTC) uses historical maps to organize images, documents, and information related to Thoreau's travels throughout his home state.

Thanks to grants from the UMass President's OfficeUMass Lowell and Mass Humanities, we completed the Massachusetts map in early 2013. This represents the first phase of a long-term project on Thoreau, cartography, travel, and environmental history.

Although we will continue to add new materials and updates as needed to the Massachusetts map, we hope to turn as soon as possible to producing similar maps of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York/New Jersey, and Minnesota.  Like the Massachusetts map, these will be linked to newly discovered documents on Thoreau's previously overlooked adventures in cartography, as well as historical points of interest that help to illuminate both the facts of his life and the many ways in which his vision continues to inform American politics, philosophy, and culture.

As you will see from the many pages that we have posted, the Thoreau Society is eager to connect with schools, libraries, museums, cultural non-profits, and other educational organizations that engage in Thoreau-related programming so that we can feature their work.

Site author/editor/producer: Susan E. Gallagher, Associate Professor, UMass Lowell.

Thoreau Society contact for MTC Massachusetts: Michael J. Frederick, Executive Director

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