David Gessner
Date: Sunday, March 21, 2021 - 2:00pm
Location: Zoom

The Write Connection at Thoreau Farm: A program in partnership with the Thoreau Society.

Join us in a conversation with author David Gessner and Michael Frederick, Executive Director of the Thoreau Society, as they...

Thoreau Bust


2021 Marjorie Harding Memorial Fellowship

Sponsored by The Thoreau Society

The Thoreau Society is pleased to announce the sixth annual Marjorie Harding Memorial Fellowship, generously funded by the Harding family. The fellowship honors the life and legacy of Marjorie Brook Harding, who worked diligently to bring together the Thoreau Society, the Walden Woods Project, and SUNY Geneseo to advance Thoreau studies and conservation of Thoreau Country and to keep alive the legacy of Walter Harding, Marjorie’s husband, an early leader in...

Register for "More Day to Dawn."

“'There Is More Day to Dawn':
A Global Conversation Celebrating Teaching and Diversity"

October 31 & November 1, 2020

Brought to you by The Thoreau Society;
sponsored by Thoreau Farm Trust



The Write Connection at Thoreau Farm is an exciting new program of lectures and writing workshops. For now, we’ll be meeting over Zoom. After the COVID crisis, most of our programs will meet in the house where Henry was born. Whether you’re a writer ready to submit your manuscript for publishing, looking to strengthen your voice, or searching for a community of writers, you’ll find it at The Write Connection.

Eric Weiner

“A few weeks before my journey to Concord, I stumbled upon a New Yorker article about Thoreau. It was called "Pond Scum" and, as you can imagine, did little to rehabilitate the Hermit of Concord in my mind. The story's author, Kathryn Schulz, opens the piece by painting a picture of the coldhearted, misanthropic crank. Then she takes the gloves off. But as the commuter train pulls into Concord Station, just as it did during Thoreau's day, I resolve to maintain an open mind.”...

The Great Tide of Humanity: Race and Gender Reform in 19th Century Concord, Massachusetts

The Great Tide of Humanity: Race and Gender Reform in 19th Century Concord, Massachusetts

Join us for a lively evening where Concord, Massachusetts, historians and social rights activists come together to talk about the 19th century revolution that was fought with a pen and continues to capture the hearts and minds of social reformers today.

Henry David Thoreau and his fellow Transcendentalists sparked...

Nancy Shohet West
Date: Sunday, October 11, 2020 - 3:30pm
Location: This is a Zoom event
Nancy Shohet West is a Boston-area journalist who helps individuals, multi-generational families, communities, and special interest groups to write and...