Call for Papers

ALA Conference:

July 7-11, 2021 in Boston (

(Post)Pandemic Thoreau: During the past year, as people across the world grappled with newly imposed solitude, rediscovered their local environment on socially distant excursions, coped with involuntary simplicity, grappled with renewed calls for racial justice and confronted a dizzying variety of civil unrest, Thoreau emerged as an important touchstone. How was Thoreau used or misused as a reference point in this new cultural landscape? What is it like to teach Thoreau in the context of pandemic and social upheaval? Where do Thoreau’s writing and example help in understanding and adapting to newly reshaped social landscape, and where does his work fall short? This panel welcomes participants working in Thoreau studies as well as those working in related fields. Please submit 100-200 word proposals for 10-minute presentations by March 21, 2021 to John J. Kucich at

MLA Conference:

January 6-9, Washington, D.C. (

Multilingual Thoreau: How does multilingualism shape Thoreau’s work? We welcome abstracts for papers that consider Thoreau’s sources, his own translations, his engagement with place names and the language of animals, plants, and the earth, and posthumous translations. Deadline for submissions: Monday, 15 March 2021

James S. FinleyTexas A&M U, San Antonio ( )