A day-trip excursion to Monadnock

740 Elm St, Concord, MA 01742

  A day-trip excursion to Monadnock on Monday, July 10, two days before the bicentennial AG begins with Bob Young!


Bob suggests that those interested meet me in the morning at the parking lot of the Best Western at Historical Concord motel on Elm Street (exact time to be determined), from where we can carpool to Fitchburg. Bob will take over from there, taking care to retrace as much as possible of Thoreau's habitual route to the mountain. We will in this spirit stop at Troy station depot, which has been preserved by local aficionados, to examine the interiors (Troy was where Thoreau would step off the train when making his way to Monadnock, which he did some four times between 1844 and 1860). 


Bob has also found Thoreau's various campsites on Monadnock, and retraced his different routes up the mountain. There will be rewards for those having refreshed their memories of Thoreau's Journal notes describing his hikes and climbs, as many features - obvious and less obvious - will be revealed by Bob during the course of the day.


Barring inclement weather, the hike is not too strenuous: a 2-3 hours up and down, respectively. An ample supply of bottled water, sandwiches and trail mix (or similar) are strongly recommended, as are sunscreen and protective, light clothing if it turns out to be a typical July day. A windbreaker perhaps for the summit tableland, to shut out possible chill. (I can add that binoculars for the peak and ledges are rewarding for the ravens and birds of prey often circling the area.)